Monthly Archives: August 2016

Finding the balance between print and digital marketing

There’s no doubt that web, social media, interactive, video and mobile marketing can be important elements in today’s marketing mix. But it would be a huge mistake to think that your marketing stops with digital activity. Most small businesses still depend on more traditional printed marketing material to reach both new and existing customers.

Design a striking letterhead!

While emails are a common form of communication in today’s business world, sometimes a printed or written letter is the still best solution. With email so widely used, a printed or written letter on a well-designed letterhead shows that you’ve made a special effort and that you care about your clients and customers.

Better branding for better business!

Five tips for success with your visual branding: Your branding is the visual look and feel of your business. Getting your brand right is vital if you want to connect with your target audience and see your company easily recognised. A strong visual brand will encourage loyalty and trust in your customers – and that… Read more »