Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bigger, Better, Faster – Series 3 HP Indigo press stay on top with the new Series 3 HP Indigo Press. Never one to stand still and always determined to stay ahead of the game, are happy to announce that we’ve installed a new, top of the range Series 3 HP Indigo press. Even better quality HP Indigo presses produce excellent, vibrant colours… Read more »

Get yourself seen! How to get noticed with outdoor signage

Whether it’s on your building, in the city or on a billboard, well placed and well designed outdoor signage will always get your business noticed.  Studies show that over 50% of new customers chose a business because of its sign. Good outdoor signage not only announces your business to large numbers of people, but it’s… Read more »

Create the best brochure for your business!

A brochure will represent your company to potential customers, and first impressions are powerful. By creating a glossy brochure with compelling imagery and persuasive content, you can boost sales and engage customers. That’s why brochures are such an excellent marketing tool; they serve advertising purposes and effectively convey the message. How can you make your brochures more… Read more »